Announcement about the publication of the Environment management plan for the Contract 1A.2



the following shall be made public:

The State Water Holding Polish Waters Regional Water Management Board in Szczecin (PGW Wody Polskie RZGW in Szczecin), the Project Implementation Unit for the Odra - Vistula Flood Management Project (PIU) has made available to interested persons and institutions the draft of the ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT PLAN for the Contract 1A.2: Flood protection of Gryfino, Ognica, and Piasek village on Odra River. Modernization of Marwicki Polder Stage III - pump station Krajnik (hereinafter referred to as the DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT PLAN).

Due to the state of the epidemic emergency in Poland and in the interest of your health safety, the formula of public consultations of the draft document of the EMP has been changed. There will be no meeting open to all interested parties, however the consultations will be conducted in an electronic form using available (safe) electronic communication channels.

Anyone interested may:

A. read the Draft Environmental Management Plans from 08 December 2020 to 7 January 2021 inclusive (20 working days) via the websites of:

 B. submit comments and requests on the DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT PLAN:

  • in writing to the address of the State Water Holding Polish Waters Regional Water Management Board in Szczecin, ul. Tama Pomorzańska 13 A, 70-030 Szczecin with the note “EMP Contract 1A.2 POPDOW comments”
  • in an electronic form to the e-mail address: ProjektBS@wody.gov.pl.
  • by telephone every working day of the publication at +48 607 961 175 between 3.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m.,

from 08 December 2020 to 7 January 2021 inclusive. The institution competent to consider comments and applications is the PGW Wody Polskie RZGW in Szczecin (contact person: Ms. Anna Durka, e-mail address: anna.durka@wody.gov.pl).

On the 20th working day of making the document publicly available, i.e. on 7 January 2021, between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., an electronic consultation meeting in the form of a webinar will be held, open to all interested parties, during which information about the DRAFT ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT PLAN will be presented, and it will be possible to ask questions and submit requests.

In order to take part in the above mentioned webinar, please go to http://bs.rzgw.szczecin.pl/aktualnosci/, where a direct link to the webinar will be provided in the post dedicated to the consultation meeting of the Draft Environmental Management Plan for the Contract 1A.2. The webinar will be based on the Microsoft Teams program. The link and the "step-by-step" instruction will be placed at the above page at least 10 days before the planned electronic consultation meeting.

This announcement was made public by an announcement in the local press (e.g. Kurier Szczeciński, website wszczecinie.pl), as well as on the websites of the institutions indicated above.